Feb 14 , 2023


We are prepared to bet that you enjoyed playing with puzzles when you were younger. Children's wooden puzzles are a standard, time-honored, and ageless toy that every household owns.

So why ? Despite the emergence of new and flamboyant trends every year, puzzle toys continue to stand the test of time?

Check out our list of the top advantages of using wooden puzzles with your kids so you can be confident that when you play with them, you're laying a great foundation for early learning.


A puzzle's completion gives you a genuine sensation of accomplishment. When your youngster solves the puzzles you give them, they will also enjoy that sensation. When all the pieces are placed correctly, a puzzle has a clear completion, unlike other toys, giving your child the opportunity to begin and complete a specific activity and feel a feeling of satisfaction. But what are the advantages to solving puzzles?

Hand-eye coordination : Your child is building a connection between their arms, hands, and fingers and their ability to put the piece down by lining up the pieces in the proper order.

Problem solving skills : This is a fantastic talent. Your youngster must first check that the picture they are trying to build is complete and that all of the components are arranged correctly.

Shape, colour and object identification : You are offering your child the chance to learn whatever the puzzle's theme is if it is a board puzzle or chunky jigsaw with pieces that are different shapes - it might be shapes, numbers, colors, or a range of objects from vehicles to animals! Giving your youngster puzzle pieces with a variety of various themes will aid in their tactile learning.

Gross motor skill development : Get your child to reach, walk, or crawl to the piece they need next if you're putting together a puzzle and the pieces are dispersed all over the place. This will help with gross motor development. Placing the pieces all over the room will transform a straightforward problem into a hide and seek game.

Fine motor skill development  : It's great to use puzzles to improve fine motor skills. These toys offer so many possibilities for your kid to learn this ability as they pick up the pieces, turn them in their fingers, and carefully place them in position.

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