How to develop the habit of reading with your child ?

Sep 27 , 2022

How to develop the habit of reading with your child ?

As a parents, do your child see you reading ? If the parents are avid reader and they not only read to us when we were children, but they read in front of us and that’s a real critical modeling that I think parents need to remind themselves of.

What is your child passionate about ? Because it’s our passion that tends to drive our reading appetites. And I’ve told parents for years, if your kid loves superheroes, then buy your kid comic books. We need not care what the gateway experience is to literacy, we just want kids to read. Because the most important thing is to get children excited about reading.

Not only do we let children know about the importance of reading, but developing a love for reading. For example, the felt quiet book uses the multi-functional accessories with a physical book to help child raise your passion for reading, making reading fun.

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