Jul 18 , 2023

5 tips to make your Montessori Home beautiful

Maria Montessori told us:

Maria Montessori told us: The child must live in an environment of beauty.

The youngster absorbs what he sees, smells, touches, and hears during his early years. As a result, it is critical to establish a visually appealing environment.

Montessori advised over a century ago to arrange the classroom in a very simple and uncluttered manner. She observed that if each material had its own space, children thrived. She noticed that children could handle a few valuable objects with care. She also found that children enjoy art and the outdoors.

Knowing all of this, we may be confident that our children deserve better than a cartoonish nursery and playroom. Many recent research have found that children learn best in uncluttered, neutral environments.

A neutral space does not preclude you from decorating it. However, what you choose for your home and your child's bedroom or playroom is critical.

So here are some ideas and motivation.


Introduce Nature into Your Home:
Children love nature and will enjoy caring for a plant. House plants have numerous health and air quality benefits. You can place a plant on your child's toy shelf, and as he gets older, he can begin to water it.

Display art at your child's eye level:
Choose a child-safe frame and hang actual photographs of what your child is exposed to. You can also expose your child to art by selecting a few well-known paintings. It's fantastic if those works of art are still realistic, such as Van Gogh's Sunflowers or Monet's gorgeous gardens.

Reduce the quantity of toys on hand and declutter:
Montessori is more than just having wooden toys and Montessori materials. It is OK to work with what you have. Having a limited assortment of toys will already make the environment more attractive and less overwhelming.

Sarah from the Prepared Environment has a lot to say about decluttering.

Select wonderful books.
We now have access to a plethora of gorgeous literature. It is considerably easier to discover reality-based books and beautifully illustrated children's books.

Introduce your child to positivity:
I used to enjoy melancholy music and didn't mind that we were constantly assaulted with stressful news. However, children are sensitive to our emotions from an early age and will experience your melancholia, grief, or anxiety.

I recommend you to concentrate on positive tunes and filter your adult's environment in order to prevent young children from worries over which they have no power.

I hope those five pointers were helpful.

And check out the video below for more information on Montessori for parents!


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