Jun 29 , 2023

Montessori Gifts that are more important than toys

This blog post serves as a reminder of what is crucial.

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, we could lose sight of the non-materialistic aspects of parenting and enter a frenzy, spending money on toys and large objects.

We have good intentions, in my opinion, and many of the parents I work with make sure to choose "beautiful," "Montessori friendly" items.

Here are 5 gifts that I received from my Montessori education. They serve as my parenting compass. I sincerely hope you'll find them useful.

Gift of presence:

  • We chose to become parents because we desire a close relationship with our offspring. The Montessori method encourages us to prepare meals, bake goods, and clean with our kids. The majority of parents adore helping their kids learn. I enjoy giving presents that promote interaction. We ensure that we spend time "doing things" with our kids. 

Gift of trust:

  • Montessori urged us to have faith in the kids. She believed they were more capable than we had previously understood. Be like Montessori and view your kids through fresh eyes by watching them and waiting. They don't always get up to mischief. We must have faith in our kids' intentions and have faith in them. They are considerably more powerful than we realise. When given the means and placed in a supportive setting, they are capable of being responsible.

Gift of respect:

  • Montessori claimed to have discovered the natural rules governing growth. Let's study our child's natural development, just like she did. As a result, your expectations will be in line with what your child is capable of. Then you'll be able to acknowledge your child's developmental needs. 


Gift of freedom:

  • Montessori advises us to give our kids as much freedom as we can. Children have been governed by adults for millennia.
  • Our kids want to be free, just like us. It is an inherent human right.
  • Children should be allowed to freely explore in a secure setting. How often do we turn down opportunities to say yes?
  • Our young children need to touch, play with, and experiment in order to understand about cause and effect.
  • We ought to let our kids make decisions. even if limited to just two wholesome and respectable choices.
  • Older kids should be allowed to investigate topics outside of a set curriculum, ask questions, and do their own research.
Gift of unconditional love:
  • Older kids should be allowed to investigate topics outside of a set curriculum, ask questions, and do their own research.
  • Love your children for who they are, not for what you want them to be. This is the gift of unconditional love.
  • Before our children are even born, we dream about them. We picture them. We put our unfulfilled fantasies onto others. We wish them only the best. However, it put a lot of pressure on our kids to live up to our standards.
  • Stay away from criticism and praise.
  • If giving that "gift" is difficult for you, put your attention first on loving yourself completely.



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