May 06 , 2023


Toys for the senses. It's become a bit of a buzzword in early education circles recently. At CleverStuff, we believe they are entertaining and interesting, but let's delve a little deeper into some of the reasons why sensory toys are beneficial to children.

1. Sensory toys are excellent for children because they encourage sensory development and engage them in play by allowing them to explore different senses such as touch and sound.
2. They can help with fine and gross motor abilities, as well as hand-eye coordination and balance.
3. Sensory toys can give youngsters a fun and engaging opportunity to explore their surroundings while also developing their cognitive, emotional, and social skills.
4.Furthermore, these toys can assist children reduce tension and anxiety and have a relaxing impact, making them suitable for children with sensory processing disorders.
They allow the youngster to explore new realms. A puzzle with cloth parts, a mirror on an activity cube, or blocks with bells inside? These features provide a new dimension of fun to playtime. 


Here are some examples of toddler sensory toys:

1. Soft, squishy balls are ideal for young children to play with since they can be pressed and stretched to help them develop fine motor skills.

2.Sound blocks: Musical blocks come in a range of shapes and colors, allowing children to explore their sense of sound while building with blocks.
Building blocks are a traditional toy; click here to see our selection.

3.Sensory soft toys: Sensory toys are frequently made of different materials, such as crinkle sound inside, silk, or velvet, to allow youngsters to experiment with different textures and sounds. You may view a wonderful selection of sensory activity toys here.

4.Simple musical instruments, such as egg shakers, tambourines, xylophones, or drums, can allow youngsters to explore their sense of sound while also encouraging them to focus on gross motor skills as they dance throughout the day away.

5.Playdough is a versatile and entertaining sensory toy that allows youngsters to squish, roll, and sculpt it into various forms with their hands. You can even experiment with color mixing or add bits of cloth or blocks for more texture!



Yes, babies can benefit from sensory toys. Sensory toys enhance a baby's growing senses and can help them develop more fully. Toys with diverse textures, for example, can assist a baby explore and develop their sense of touch, whilst toys with vivid colors and contrasting patterns can aid in their visual development.

Furthermore, toys that generate noise, such as rattles, can aid in the development of a baby's awareness of sound and even cause and effect - they tilt the rainmaker over, and it makes a sound! Even the simplest toys become scientific discoveries for a baby.

Sensory toys also allow a baby to learn via play, experimenting, and exploration, which can be beneficial to their cognitive and emotional development.

It is, however, critical to select age-appropriate toys that are safe and free of small pieces that could pose a choking hazard.

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