May 29 , 2023

How to Make Use of a Break Card in the Classroom

A Break card is a simple approach you can use with your pupils. When a student becomes worried or overwhelmed, they might utilize a break card to get out of the situation. This empowers kids by providing them with a framework for proactively managing stress.

Because it is discrete, this method works well in social circumstances. When one of your students delivers you the card, you already know what they're going to do. To make this method work, both the student and the teacher must agree on the rules of the take a break card.

The following rules must be established:

  • Where the student intends to go during the break. The library, computer room, or a quiet corner of the classroom are all popular places to take a break. Make sure they understand who they must check in with when they arrive.
  • How long can the break last? Is it a five-minute break or a break till the activity is completed?
  • What the student can do during the break. Can they listen to music with headphones, use a weighted blanket, or grab a stress ball from the fidget box?

For children that want additional assistance, you might include a calming option sheet so that your students have particular calm choices to make during their break time. Calming options include wall push ups, deep breathing, reading a book, grabbing a drink, or wearing headphones.

Here are a few additional pointers:

  • It is critical to practice utilizing the take a break card ahead of time, as with all stress management techniques.
  • Before your pupil becomes overwhelmed, practice your soothing activities.
  • Remember that when the amount of stress rises, your students will require more break time.
  • Sensory rooms are great places for students who struggle with sensory integration to go during breaks.
  • various levels of stress frequently necessitate various relaxing tactics. Physical exercise, for example, is frequently beneficial in high-stress conditions.



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