Sep 23 , 2022

Montessori number roll

According to the investigation, we found the number rolls are so attractive to children, because of they can write out numbers and watch them rise to such great heights.

The toddlers correctly maintains place value by writing the numbers as units, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. I like using paper grids with the decimal order initials, and that are free to download here. Either tell the child to start with units at 0 or clip off one row to start at 1. All 10 rows are required for the rest of number roll.

The Montessori Exchange Tray, which is useful for kids who have trouble switching decades or swapping for the next level, is shown in the photo below. Simply spell down the total and have the child add one unit. For instance, the youngster would subtract 1 thousand, 2 hundreds, 4 tens, and 6 units to get the number 1,246. That is exactly what was written on the number roll. The strips can be folded up or taped together after being adhered to another piece of paper. After a year of labor, it is always a treat to unroll !

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