Star Your Own Business and Become Our Agent / Distributor

Want To Star A Bussiness ?

If you are either starting up or scaling up your business (particularly in a new territory or market), you may want to consider first appointing an agent or distributor to promote and/or sell your goods and/or serivices, in order to gain entry into a market, drive sales or gain recognition for your brand.

Conditions of the Agent:
- Recognize the Edusense brand and corporate culture to meet basic annual order volume needs.
- Establish a specialized business team to operate Edusense's products.
- Have certain contacts and business resources in the local market.

Edusense always concentrates on early childhood education industry, so that more excellent ideas will come true, looking forward to the value of products shared and enjoyed by children everywhere around the world.     

Agent Franchise Policy

  • We have a professional team

Professional design tearm with 100+ employees. Full service guarantee, after-sale quality assurance service. You can get the newest products update firstly.

  • Support for excellent production capacity

Have 10 complete production lines and supply chain. Introducing advanced processing equipment. We will process your order with priority.

  • Year-end discount reward

Have an exclusive sales agent for a certain product or regional market. For the outstanding agents have reached the operating standards will provide step-by-step discount support.

​​​​​​​Win-Win Together

​​​​​​​We Look Forward To Your Joining!

Apply To Be An Agent

We work with a carefully selected the independent agents that shares our commitment to quality coverage and superior service. Our agency partners enjoy attractive commissions, an opportunity to earn more income through our annual Agency Incentive Program.

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