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Edusense Ooze Tube Sensory Liquid Motion Timer Toy




1000 In Stock

The Ooze tube is a great anxiety reducing distraction as watching the ooze gently squeeze through the middle of the tube is mesmerising and soothing☺️. It is a useful distraction for children.

🫗The thick viscous fluid flows languidly, often in a swirly circular motion🌪. The slow speed of the flow means that it not only takes many minutes to completely run through, but it is quite calming to watch.

The Ooze tube container is made from hard plastic and the Ooze tube comes in two colours in the 12cm size – 🔴red and 🔵blue.

👩‍🔬 Edusense has a mature design, manufacuring and professional testing. Our team can provide customized service (OEDM & ODM) for the size and colors of ooze tube.