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Edusense Mini Maze Slide Brain Games




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A combination of math, art & science- the mini maze cube is here to challenge your mind. Mini Puzzle Cubes Pack of 24 offers challenging and rewarding brain teaser puzzle games in a variety of different puzzles to solve. Each mini cube puzzle measures 1.5 inches and great for all ages. Brain teasers are great way to boost overall brain activity & increase memory power. They are very entertaining for a variety of ages; help reduce stress and keep the mind sharp. Kids, teens and adults will enhance their concentration, critical thinking and fine motor skills through playing. Try to beat them all !

ffgfgChallenge your brain with Edusense Mini Maze Slide Brain Games; a combination of math, art and science in a set of 24 mini cubes. With each measuring just 1.5 inches, these brain teasers are great for all ages, helping reduce stress and keep the mind sharp. By playing, you can enhance concentration, critical thinking, and fine motor skills, and increase memory power. Beat them all and test yourself!

Edusense Mini Maze Slide Brain Games are designed to challenge your mind, with 24 mini puzzle cubes of varying difficulty. Measuring 1.5 inches each, these brain teasers are great for all ages, stimulating both concentration and critical thinking while helping to reduce stress. An ideal blend of math, art and science, the Mini Maze Slide is perfect for boosting overall brain performance and increasing memory power.