Mar 14 , 2023


Colors have such a significant role in our world. I'm sure you've uttered these things at least a few times if you have a young child.

- Red denotes a stop, and green indicates a move !

- One dinosaur, two dinosaurs, red dinosaur, blue dinosaur !

- Where is the GREEN dinosaur !? 

I am aware that they are frequently stated in our home!

Are you looking for a quick, calm activity to teach your child the colors? This is a fantastic task that is easy to put up. All you need is some animal suckers and a few boxes (we actually used boxes, but there are some wonderful sorting boxes HERE).

Place one of each color of pom-pom in the cups, then ask your child to match the rest. Done!

Do you want a little bit of a challenge more? Try using tongs or, for older youngsters, chopsticks in place of your fingers!

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