Edusense Jigsaw Puzzle

Nov 11 , 2022

Edusense Jigsaw Puzzle

The favorite of beginner 4-piece jigsaw puzzles are made of wood and have a border for each puzzle. I do wish that all four weren't on the same board, but you can still begin by only laying out one puzzle (4 pieces) at a time, and then add more as your child is ready for a greater challenge.

There are many adorable 4/5/6-piece puzzle sets available, but they can be a little difficult to solve because the pieces' sizes vary and it's not always obvious how they fit together.

For toddlers, the change from being able to clearly see how 3–4 pieces fit together to having to use a lot of trial and error with dozen or more pieces is typically a pretty substantial jump.

When your child reaches this age, there are virtually limitless options for jigsaw puzzle ! Childs will be interested in puzzles with more pieces by any kind of gigantic floor puzzle.

Keep in mind that your preschooler who can complete 48-piece puzzles can still prefer simpler ones, and that your toddler will probably continue to enjoy wooden peg puzzles even after being introduced to beginner jigsaw puzzles.

We can supply both !  Meeting our child where they are at with puzzles will foster their self-confidence, patience with impatience, focus, and problem-solving abilities.

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