The gifts ideas for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Dec 13 , 2022

The gifts ideas for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Due to my professional experience working with children within the autism spectrum, today, I want to write about a topic that can be very useful for every parent or educator with a child with ASD in their lives.
Sometimes we want to bond with the child, but we find it difficult to understand what they like, what is good for them, and how we can help them. For this reason, today I want to write about five toys that can be of great stimulation for a child with autism and with which he could enjoy a lot.
But before this, it is essential to clarify that each child is different, and one of the characteristics of a child with ASD is their restricted interests.



Many autistic kids also struggle with sensory difficulties. It is difficult to process the inputs coming from the senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch, taste, balance, and body. They could look for physical stimulation as a calming strategy.

Rhythmic movements are calming and encourage balance and sensory integration. Additionally, it also helps increase concentration and promotes eye contact, which encourages social engagement.


Massage Tools

Massage tools are the excellent presents because many kids with autism like to be touched and have pressure applied to their bodies. With this present, we can help the child's interaction with the adult and create key moments for the development of a strong link.


Sensory Boxes

Sensory Boxes are a fantastic gift for kids with autism. It's a container chock full of various textures and materials. Along with the filling, they also include a variety of toys to encourage imagination and set the scene they want for that particular theme. These are crucial tools to improve child development while having fun and enhancing their motor abilities, cognitive growth, and more.

Children can learn a lot by using and identifying their senses through the use of sensory boxes, has a relaxing impact and help their concentration and entertainment.

When played with others, it promotes social interaction, improves motor abilities, and the most importantly is an extremely interesting and inspiring exercise! The essential requirement for a kid to learn and develop is motivation.


Putty Slime Toy

For a kid with autism, the putty slime toy can be a wonderful gift. It encourages flexibility and the incorporation of new interests while improving the sense of touch and exposure to various textures. The kid can roll it, shape it into little balls, crush it with their hands, and create a variety of artistic figures. It's a Fantastic stress-reliever, and it helps to release tension and relax.

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