Using Three-Part Cards in The Montessori Learning

Nov 05 , 2022

Using Three-Part Cards in The Montessori Learning

In Primary (3-6 years old), montessori learning uses three-part cards to teach the names of items found in the world. Definitions are provided in Elementary (grades 6–9 years old) to provide an additional layer of information.

For Primary ( 3-6 years old), 3-part cards have three parts: a picture, a label (the picture's name), and a control card that combines the picture and the label.

Three-part cards for elementary students (6–9 years old) have a picture, a label, and a definition. The cards may include a control code on the back, or the childs will be given control cards or a c labeled chart for use in checking their work.


Using three-part cards in 3-6 years old:

The child will require a large surface to use the cards, such as a large table or a work rug on the floor.

The child should spread the picture cards on the floor or table's top. After that, they must match the labels with the image. Finally, they should examine each image and label using the control card.

With three-part cards in Grades 6–9 years old:

Starting with the "full" picture, the child should put the picture cards across the top of the rug or table (the one that has all the parts colored in). Once the labels and definitions are matched, they should read each definition before writing it down.

When finished, the child should have access to control cards (you can keep them separate or group them into a booklet), a sizable image on a chart or poster that shows the parts labeled correctly (wall chart), or stickers/dots on the backs of the cards so they can flip them over and see if they correctly matched the three parts.

After finishing matching the cards for both age groups, the kid should either draw a picture or write a fact from the cards on their paper, or both. After finishing the cards, an elementary-aged youngster may, if they so want, conduct further study using online or library resources.

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