Aug 10 , 2023


As your child grows and becomes more mobile, it's critical to provide them the freedom to wander and explore their surroundings. This implies that all of the baby-proofing you did when they were babies will still be vital as they grow — but you'll need to alter it to account for their greater mobility and need for more room as they grow.

Because potty training usually occurs during the toddler stage, your Montessori efforts will need to include the bathroom because your child will be spending more time there. Include a step stool, tap extenders and a light switch extender in order to encourage your child to be self-sufficient in the bathroom.

As children grow, so does their level of play. There are several things you may do to stimulate their exploration of the world around them, including these three.

1. Store books and toys on low shelves.
Low shelves should have a small variety of age-appropriate books and toys – but no plastic toys. Keep them on a low shelf so your toddler can help themselves to whatever takes their eye. Place each type of toy in a different basket or bin so they may learn that everything has a place. To keep things interesting, rotate their toy and book selection every few weeks.

2. Display eye-catching artwork at eye level.
Exposing your toddler to art and beauty, whether it's a print by one of the greats or a framed image your child or an older sibling produced, is a great way to engage their intellect.

3. Construct Seasonal Nature Trays
Make a tray of stuff you've found outside for your youngster to touch and explore at the end of each season. When you involve your child in picking items from your garden, it creates even another opportunity for learning and exploration. Just make sure the trays don't include anything that could choke them or make them sick if they get it in their mouth.

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