Aug 16 , 2023

Best Montessori Materials for Babies

You don't have to spend a lot of money on Montessori products. Also, remember that little is more. A simple basket containing a few everyday household items (appropriate to explore with supervision) can give hours of learning and sensory exploration.

There are also brands that have curated sets of developmentally appropriate toys based on your child's age, such as Monti Kids and Lovevery.

Here are some resources we recommend for creating a "yes space" for the youngest Montessorians:

A playmat provides a pleasant, safe environment for your infant to explore their surroundings while also allowing freedom of movement, which is beneficial for motor skill development.

High-contrast cards, also known as black and white art cards, are extremely interesting for infants and promote visual development. They're extremely enjoyable to use during belly time, whether on the floor or pushed up. A Montessori-inspired mobile is another excellent addition to their play area.

Simple sensory toys are ideal for open-ended play. Although it may not appear that much learning is taking place, grabbing and mouthing provide a tremendous amount of sensory input and learning. Grasping is a practise for fine motor skills for the small fingers and hands. Mouthing toys teach your infant about the physical qualities of objects while also preparing them for future solid food consumption. A win-win situation! Just make sure their toys are non-toxic and appropriate for their age (think food-safe silicone or wood with no little components).

Reading is always a good thing. Reading to your infant has numerous educational benefits, ranging from early language exposure to fostering social-emotional development. Montessori-aligned books feature realistic imagery of people and objects, as well as stories about realistic, everyday issues.

It's never too early to start incorporating Montessori principles into your child's life. You may assist your baby's growth with the Montessori philosophy from birth with a few simple materials and this knowledge.

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